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How Expert Lighting Elevates Video Production

What transforms a good video into a great one? The secret is literally what meets the eye—the art of lighting. Lighting plays a critical role in visual storytelling and can make or break the connection with your audience. At InnerAction Media, we are always looking...

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Is your website still relevant in today’s AI world?

by Jim Matuga In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-powered "answer engines," heralds a new era of online search and information retrieval. Recently, I started experimenting with Arc Search, an AI-enhanced search...

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How StoryMaker is Revolutionizing Small Business Marketing

In today's world, marketing is everything. Small businesses struggle to make their mark in the marketplace, and marketing plays a crucial role in their success. However, creating marketing content that is both effective and engaging can be a challenging task. This is...

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How to Take Ownership of Your Domain

Your domain, or website address, is the face of your business online. It is how people find your business, contact your business and learn more about the services/products you offer. Most business owners would probably not know who actually owns their domain name.

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Digital Advertising Checklist

A good checklist could be the difference between arriving at your flight on time or missing out on a relaxing vacation. Well, marketing is no different. That’s why we’ve outlined a checklist to keep in mind while developing your next digital advertising strategy.

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You should have a say in your story.

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