3 Reasons to Consider Geotargeting in Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Jun 9, 2022

Everyone understands the basic formula of advertising: Advertisement + Visibility = Attraction. Seems easy enough, right? Not so fast. 

In today’s world of advertising, it’s not so much what you say but how, when, and to whom you say it. One of the ways marketers and advertisers focus on this narrow approach to clientele and retention is through geotargeting. 


Reason 1: Personalized Content

In advertising, you want your content to be as creative as your brand. Targeting ads through geotargeting and specific locations allows you to create relevant ads for the people you’ve determined need to see them. 

A happy byproduct of geotargeting will provide a better user experience for your clientele with landing pages designated to support the ad you’ve created (e.g., an advertisement on seasonal offerings with a page linking to the shopping cart). These finer details will lend to a friendlier and more personalized attraction model, leading to more clicks and conversions.

Reason 2: Efficiency

Another primary reason for implementing geotargeting is efficiency. With stricter and focused ad placement, you can better allocate your marketing budget more effectively to your chosen demographic and region. 

Let’s say that Mr. Shovel’s Shovel Emporium is gearing up to sell his snow shovels online. A blanket advertisement that goes off into the internet ether might begin to advertise snow shovels in Orlando, Florida would be a waste of advertising dollars—but a retailer of Mr. Shovel’s Shovel Emporium in Grand Rapids, with a 20-mile geotargeting radius, would see greater conversion rates. This is called selective marketing, and it’s achieved through geotargeting. 

Reason 3: Out of Sight

The last reason worth considering in favor of geotargeting is your ability to hide from your competitors. By excluding their market area and headquarters from advertising efforts, you effectively hide advertising from them—in essence, getting a leg up on the competition. 

It’s not until after the advertisements have been run nearly to capacity that your competitor will even notice that they’ve launched. Even if you don’t need to protect your campaign in this way, a happy byproduct of this method is that you can help avoid spending your precious advertising budget on their employees and loyal customer base.

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