Digital Advertising Checklist

Apr 6, 2022

Did you get your hat? Check. What about your bag? Check. Tickets? Oh, no.

A good checklist could be the difference between arriving at your flight on time or missing out on a relaxing vacation. Well, marketing is no different. That’s why we’ve outlined a checklist to keep in mind while developing your next digital advertising strategy.


Checklist #1: Set Your Goals

How many times can we make this point? Like anything in life, goal-setting motivates our efforts toward maturity and success. Think of your goal as the guardrail of your digital advertising strategy and a friendly reminder when you start to get off track.  

Underneath the larger umbrella of goal-setting is goal-planning. We’ll beat this drum until we’re blue in the face. Plan, plan, and plan again. Who are you adverting to? What are you advertising for? Why do you need a digital advertising strategy? How much do you intend to spend?

This is how you’ll build your strategy––a good plan, with measurable and objective goals, is the recipe for advertising success. 

Checklist #2: Develop Your Brand

While a bit more philosophical, this aspect of your checklist is non-negotiable. If a “goal” is what you hope to achieve, then a “brand” is what you hope to convey. This is where you’ll determine your identity, agree on design treatments, develop a keyword database, and key messaging for public marketing. 

Before you can deploy a digital marketing campaign, you have to check off your branding. Without a good brand, it won’t matter how much money you throw at your strategy. 

Checklist #3: Determine Your Budget and Platforms

It may appear somewhat intimidating to spend money on advertising. 

Here’s the bad news––It’s necessary.

Here’s the good news––Digital advertising exists for you. 

When it comes to setting your budget and choosing your platform, the thing to keep in mind is to do whatever is best for you. You can spend $500 or $2,000. You can run ads on Facebook or through a local news outlet. The best news? Your budget can be flexible and the platform options available to you are endless. 

Checklist #4: Work With the Professionals

Set your goals? Check. Your brand? Check. Budget? Check. Last step?

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