How Google Gemini is Changing Search Engine Optimization

Jun 14, 2024

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) has constantly been evolving, driven by recent advancements in technology. Internet users today engage with digital information in a completely new way, and that way is always shifting.

For small businesses, keeping up with these changes can be exhausting. But SEO is an effective tool for keeping your brand top-of-mind. The recent inclusion of Google Gemini, an

AI-driven update, to search results is sure to shake things up. We’re here to guide you on what this means for your company’s marketing techniques moving forward.

What is Google Gemini?

By studying how we use text to communicate, Google Gemini aims to better understand what the public is searching for. This area of study is called natural language processing (NLP). It also helps Google AI to explain search results to users using multiple website pages as sources.

Now, people can use conversational questions to get meaningful search results instead of focusing on keywords, and those search results are explained to the user as if they were asking a friend.

The Uncertainty and Promise of Google Gemini for SEO

Overall, it’s unclear what the introduction of Google Gemini means for online marketing. The technology is still new, which leaves room for speculation but also opens doors for new strategies. As search engines change, the approach to SEO will have to be more flexible.

At InnerAction Media, we understand the importance of staying ahead. As this technology advances, we will keep an eye on SEO trends to ensure your message remains clear and impactful. Here’s what we know so far.

Multimodal Searches: The Dawn of a New Search Era

Google Gemini markets multimodal searches as a groundbreaking element to Google searches.

—English, please?

A multimodal search includes many types of data, including images and videos, in a single search. Before, unless a video was transcribed or an image had some text included with it to explain what it was, a Google search had no way of using those elements in a search.

Now, with Gemini, Google can understand images and videos. Gemini can pull aspects and context from a picture as if it can “see” it. This allows searchers to verbally ask Google questions (audio), upload a picture and search for related content, or search using video content.

And vice versa—Gemini allows users to ask complex questions that pull information from different formats and sources, providing richer, more nuanced answers.

The Essence of Website Optimization

With Google Gemini reshaping the search landscape, website optimization becomes more critical than ever. Website optimization isn’t just about fast load times anymore; it’s about creating a seamless user experience that meets the evolving expectations of AI-driven search engines.

When recommending a website, Google Gemini might consider factors such as the quality of the content, how often people engage with your site, what the user’s experience is when they look up your website on their phone, and the incorporation of multimedia elements (pictures and videos).

InnerAction Media’s award-winning expertise in marketing and advertising prepares you to meet these challenges head-on.

We specialize in distilling complex information into clear, engaging messages that resonate with your target audience. Whether it’s through high-quality video content or strategic website optimization, we help your brand stand out amidst the noise.

The introduction of Google Gemini is a call to action for brands to refine their SEO strategies and enhance their web presence. By partnering with InnerAction Media, you’re not just keeping pace with changes—you’re staying ahead. Connect with us today to navigate the future of SEO with confidence.

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