How To Make A Storyboard For Your Video

Mar 23, 2022

Making good videos is hard. Out of the billions of marketing videos produced, only a fraction ever convey the right message. It doesn’t have to be that way. Careful planning will help you increase your chances of producing a great video.

When you think of planning, the default is to think of the script. Many people miss the storyboard. 



Let’s establish why you should make a storyboard. Storyboards are one of many tools used to pre-visualize your video before you shoot it. A storyboard’s main purpose is to communicate what the director or producer’s vision is to the crew or client before more work is done to make the actual shoot possible. Communication of a vision is important so everybody understands what the goal of the video is and a storyboard can be an excellent tool to help accomplish that.

A storyboard consists of multiple frames that represent each shot in a sequence Each frame often has a small description below that explains the shot or voice-over. Storyboards can be as simple as stick figures with very little depth and perspective all the way to detailed animatics that show motion and much more information. The more simple storyboards will convey basic camera framing and composition, while the detailed storyboards can tell most of the story before it’s even shot. You can also use stock photos to help create each frame for your storyboard.

Whether you are creating a short advertisement or a feature film, having a vision and an ability to communicate it, is crucial to accomplishing a great video. You don’t have to be an artist to make an effective storyboard but creating a storyboard can be a great tool for those who communicate best through a visual medium.

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