What Are the Benefits of Video Marketing for Lawyers?

Aug 8, 2017

When was the last time you saw a video advertisement?

The marketing tool that used to be chained to network television, trapped in a 30 second box, which could only be unlocked with a $50,000-marketing-budget shaped key, is now free. Free to roam the various platforms consumers are consuming. We now see video ads on our news articlesvideo ads on our Twitter feeds, and video ads on our video ads. Today, law firms are leveraging video marketing more than ever. But traditionally, calculating ROI for video has been very difficult. So, what are the benefits of video marketing for lawyers?

Creating an Online Presence

One of the main objectives of marketing is creating an online presence. Your potential clients are online, your competitors are online, YOU need to be online. The most effective way to create an online presence is by building a high-performance website and filling it with compelling content, including video. Video is a large part of the presence you are creating online because it a dynamic, personal piece of content. Video can accomplish goals that are hard to track on paper.

  1. Video can reach people you (physically) can’t

Video Marketing for Lawyers

What is your best 30 second pitch? Your most effective elevator speech? What if you could position that clear, concise message before thousands of potential clients all across the globe and let it work for you while you’re asleep? Essentially, that is what video marketing does. By creating a video with an intentional, compelling message and broadcasting it across the web, you are able to reach far more people than you ever could in the greatest networking group.

  1. Video increases your findability

By creating video that focuses on issues your potential clients are facing and attaching searchable keywords to those films, you can increase your likelihood of being found online. When someone searches “auto accident attorneys near me,” what do they find? Is it your firm or a competitor? Each piece of video content you create and attach to your site, acts as a new set of keywords that will lead consumers to your business. The more views and interaction those videos receive, the higher they will rank for their associated keywords.

  1. Video is an effective way of telling your story

Some business owners struggle to tell their story. It is often difficult to explain what they do, why they do it and how they help their clients. Video is an excellent opportunity to refine your storytelling and make sure you are sending potential clients the correct messages. The best marketing videos focus on how a firm is able to help their clients overcome issues they are experiencing every day. Only secondarily do they focus on the accomplishments and expertise of the lawyers.

Priming Your Potential Clients

In many ways, video is able to work as a virtual secretary. We would never advocate for replacing your current secretary with a series of videos (come on now, we know who is really running the operation), but a series of informative videos can help prime your incoming clients on what to expect while working with your firm. In a way, online video can prepare your clients for a better interaction with you in person, like a best friend or wing-man before a blind date.

  1. Video is a great first introduction

As we have mentioned before, it can be awkward or clunky for some business owners to introduce themselves and explain why their potential clients should trust them. After all, who likes talking about themselves?  But the introduction is an important part of any relationship and should be treated as such. Video can help explain how your firm operates, why you are passionate about helping your clients and why your clients choose to work with you over your competition. That way, when a potential client walks into your office with a case, they have, in a sense, already met you and are ready to pursue a relationship with full confidence.

  1. Video helps qualify potential clients

Not everyone who calls your office is going to be a good fit for your firm. Would it save you time if your potential clients were able to better qualify themselves online before calling your office? Absolutely. And video is a great way for them to do so. By creating films that focus on questions clients might be asking, you can help them determine the legitimacy of their case.

Questions like: I have been injured at work, can I sue?, What should I do after a truck accident?, How do I know if I have been a victim of medical malpractice?

One of the goals of video marketing is to save everybody time, save your clients time by helping them determine whether they have a legitimate case and save you time by preventing as many unprofitable calls as possible.

  1. Video can answer ancillary questions

As a lawyer, you have a wealth of information regarding the law and how it applies to varying situations. It is safe to say that you know far more about litigation than the average person visiting your site. There are probably more than 100 questions you get asked on a daily basis that require a simple, concise answer. By creating a data base of videos answering ancillary questions you are doing three things:

  • Creating content that you can leverage for SEO
  • Saving time that is generally spent answering these simple questions
  • Positioning yourself as the expert

Positioning Yourself as the Expert

How important is it to your clients that they work with a lawyer who is professional, experienced and competent? Do they mind entrusting the outcome of their case with a novice or would they prefer to work with an expert? Easy answer, everyone wants to work with an expert. And the truth is, you are an expert. So, act like it! Video marketing allows you to position yourself in front of your clients as the expert you really are.

  1. Video communicates authority

Benefits of Video Marketing for Lawyers

When you create a compelling video and broadcast it online, you are implicitly communicating that you have authority on the subject. When you post a video on your site about insurance law, you are informing your audience that you are the insurance law expert. When a potential client stumbles upon a video on a reputable site they automatically assume (for better or worse) that the speaker in the video is an authority figure. Of course, you need to present compelling, educational content in order for this to work. Video communicates authority. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Video is an education platform

For the most part, those being educated believe in the expertise of their educators. This is why students take classes from teachers, ball players play for coaches and disciples sit under mentors. It is our human nature to find an expert when we need advice. In a similar fashion, video should be used in large part for the purpose of educating your potential clients. If you focus on adding value through education, consumers will have a greater appreciation for your status as an expert. 

  1. Video spotlights your strong points

If you were asked to list your three greatest professional strengths, could you? What if you sat down to meet with a client and they asked for the top three reasons they should choose you to represent them? There are more than three reasons clients should choose your firm, no doubt, but it is often difficult to properly highlight your strengths in person. Video spotlights your strong points for you. When you create a video focusing on the key messages of your firm, you can refine your answer and intentionally choose how you want to be represented (and you can do as many takes as you need!).

InnerAction Media | How-to Utilize the Benefits of Video Marketing for Lawyers

  1. Develop your key messages
    • What do you do?
    • Why do you do it?
    • How do you help your clients?
  2. Pick an appropriate video format
  3. Shoot!
    • Now get out there, and start creating videos! If you need any help, we are a phone call away. 304-241-4959


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