Using Motion Graphics for Your Small Business

Aug 10, 2017

When we are in the beginning stages of creation for a new client or a new video, we map the entire video, audio and certain graphic placements. All three of these elements are a key part in producing an effective film. However, the one element that doesn’t get much credit, as it should, is the motion graphic/animated work that gets placed within the video.

For those that are inside the industry, it can be easy to understand what we are talking about. But if you just arrived here or are starting in the motion graphics world, you probably may have asked yourself: What does motion graphics really mean? Especially when you see it referenced in different ways like “animation.”

Motion Graphics and Animation

We see movement in graphics, shapes and text in so many of the videos we watch on a daily basis, including:

  • Internet
  • Television
  • Movies
  • Video Games

So that’s pretty much the simplest definition of motion graphics: Movement in graphics, shapes and text, from complex After Effects 3D movements to simple slides in Premiere Pro.

Why does your business need to use motion graphics?

We are all attracted to movement. We also learn and experience the key essentials when we send the most effective message.

At InnerAction Media, we have a plethura of ways to tell your business’ stories, and motion graphics happen to be in every type of film we produce for our clients. It is a sexy way to convey a specific message in your business’ film.

Here are some examples we’ve strategically created for our current clients:

InnerAction Media | Digital Advertising

Industrial Resources | Design-Build Steel Manufacturer 

Mon Health | Healthcare System 

An effective way to use motion graphics is when we are trying to list things out during our videos. It is the easiest way for the viewer to actually remember what’s being shown on the screen and doing it with a purpose.

motion graphics

Also, by aligning the motion graphic elements with your clients’ brand colors, scheme and other graphic designs, you’ll be able to use this strategy for multiple purposes.

motion graphics

For example, with Preferred Surfaces, our graphic design team created the Countertop Surface Comparison graphic. Within the Preferred vs. Competition video, we took that same concept and put a little motion to each of the trait and stars when we revealed them. 

Over the past few years, motion graphics and animated projects have been my favorite projects to create for our clients. Personally, I believe it gives your business a little bit more spice than a regularly filmed and produced video. If done correctly, it will aid the interest for the viewer and bolster the chances of them returning to your website or become a loyal visitor to your content. 

There are many different ways to pin down the viewers’ attention, and I believe this is one of the strongest strategies to do so.

If you’re interested in using motion graphics for your small business, I invite you to take advantage of our free marketing audit. It can include motion graphics work and much more. If you’re interested in working with our creative and collaborative team, please give us a call! 304-241-4959.


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