Three Steps To Developing A Strong Marketing Plan

Dec 29, 2021

Anything worth doing – building a house, raising a family, starting a business – is worth planning. Imagine hiring a foreman to construct the building you hope to live, sleep, and host dinner parties in, only to learn he intends to “wing it.” Picture starting a business without the slightest notion of what you might sell or who you might sell to. Planning is essential to all things in a good life, including marketing. And today, you have taken the first step to build a strong marketing plan, by reading this article.


Step One: Know Your People

If you own a business, rendering a service to people is inevitable. Businesses that don’t, aren’t troubled by taxes and payroll for very long. Think often about these people.

  • Who are those people?
  • What do they look like? 
  • What do they aspire to?
  • What keeps them up at night?

Knowing the people a business serves is the fundamental task of the small business owner. Understanding the failure they wish to avoid and guiding them to a path of success, is what makes a marketing plan exceptional.

Step Two: Know Where To Find Them

A sound marketing plan is also formed by a comprehension of the mediums your audience frequents. The discerning business owner and marketer can distinguish between an opportunity and a distraction. While there are an ever-increasing number of new advertising platforms each year, they might not all be best suited for speaking to your audience. Knowing where your people are will help determine which platforms to utilize when delivering your marketing messaging.

Step Three: Know Your Gift

While a potential customer might be interested to know your experience and credentials, they are primarily concerned with the gift you have to give them. Meaning, they will be more receptive to a conversation about the ways in which you can help them find success than about the ways you yourself have achieved it.

The final, and perhaps most important, step to a strong marketing plan is developing a firm understanding of the service you provide and how it positively impacts the lives of your customers. Without this, you have merely found a waiting audience and a grand theatre, but have forgotten to prepare the show.


In the end, when a plan has been properly executed, there is a great reward. A warm house, a loving family, and a stable business are the fruits of a diligent worker steadily plotting his carefully-considered plan. Visualize the end, count the steps that lie between you, and prosper. 

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