The Importance of Creativity in Today’s World of Storytelling

Oct 2, 2015

Are you living up to your creative potential? Do you have your imagination on a leash? Creativity is more important now than ever, and is only going to get more valuable as time goes on and technology grows. It’s the way of living that embraces originality and makes connections in your own unique way.

We live in an age where everyone has a voice online, social media has become second nature, 3D printing is now so 2014 and yet another Netflix series was released for us to binge watch. The world is becoming increasingly more innovative and because of this, 71% of college-educated professionals say creative thinking should be taught as a course, like math and science, according to Adobe.

In the world of cinematography and storytelling,

We are all defined as artists, problem solvers and designers. In a sense, we have to throw logic out of the window in order to become visionaries (2+2≠4). As producers, we must allow our minds to be free to brainstorm in order to create continuous original ideas. If we think only about the finish line, we then don’t actually focus on the journey and neglect the emotional attachment of the project. No matter if it’s a testimonial project or a client’s image film, or even as small as a unique animation that we create, the ability to reach out with creative arms is such a wonderful and rewarding feeling.

Generating fresh ideas can become difficult though.

In this type of innovative and creative industry, we have to make it mandatory to view elements of other films, commercials, shots, techniques and animations. Personally, I find myself watching television not for entertainment, but rather to study. Why did they edit it like this? That lighting looked pretty cool. That was a different way to express their message. How can our next video project be better in technique, tone, messaging angles, coloring, etc. The list goes on and on. By always questioning the normal way of production we will improve our overall ability to be creative as an agency.

The scope of creativity in cinematography is having the confidence, focus and loyalty in your brainstorming.

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