The Art of Storytelling in Video Production

Dec 8, 2021

The rise of video production in marketing comes as no surprise.  

And while video production technology and other ways to market a product have advanced, so has the mind of the consumer. Today’s consumer doesn’t want to just be told why they should buy a product or service – they want more. They want something new. And what is new in video marketing, is in fact one of the oldest forms of communication on earth: Storytelling.



Storytelling Over Time

Storytelling is an innate characteristic of human beings spanning cave drawings from 20,000 years ago to the early 1800s with photography, motion pictures, and then later radio and TV. And finally to the present day, where we now have digital, mobile, and social media as yet even more avenues to share our stories. 

It’s 2021 and humans still crave stories. Why? Because stories allow us to feel emotion. They allow us to feel angry, happy, sad, or moved in some way. By telling a story, you will not only entertain and move someone, but you will also create a following for your cause and you will inspire your audience to believe and then act. 

In almost every great video, there is a complete story – one with a beginning, middle, and end.  

Yet, how you craft the story can be the difference between 10 views and 10,000 views.  

As a marketing company, we produce a wide array of videos and there are many different ways to incorporate storytelling into those videos.  

Here are a few tips on how to do it effectively:  

1. The Focus 

The biggest mistake that many businesses make is that they use their video to highlight themselves, rather than tell a story. The person or group that you really should be highlighting is your customer and their story. So, rather than talking about yourself and your business – let’s hear from your customer. In what way(s) did they need you and how did you help them overcome whatever obstacle they were facing? 

2. The Story

At InnerAction Media,  all of our videos revolve around the story. From testimonials to image and recruitment films, to commercials – all good videos start with an idea. The process of crafting the story and bringing that idea to life begins with research.  

Research is done during the pre-production phase and can come in many forms.  Whenever we bring on a new client, we begin with a marketing blueprint meeting.  In this meeting, we take a deep dive into the company. This is typically a 2-hour exploratory conversation focusing on the people your organization helps and the solutions you provide for them. This meeting helps us gain a strong understanding of your company’s culture, what you do and how you help people.  This meeting becomes the foundation of much of our work. 

Other research comes directly from the individual. If for example, we are producing a testimonial video, we want to hear directly from the company’s client or customer. Before the camera ever rolls, we begin with a pre-interview.  We believe this is an essential element to telling a good story. And the same goes for a recruitment film. We want to speak with the person who has the job we are trying to recruit for. What do they do? What do they love about the job? Why should someone come to work at this company and how will it make their life better? 

Whether your video is a testimonial interview or a scripted film, your research will be critical in producing this video. Even if the video is not scripted (such as a testimonial) having an outline of your story based on your research will be extremely helpful.  

In production, if there is one thing you can expect – it’s the unexpected. Being prepared and knowing the story will help you handle the unexpected with ease.

3. Video Production Value

Production Value is the quality of the film or video – in simple terms, how professional it looks. Every production has to start with a great story, but if you want viewers to actually stay tuned, your video needs to tell a great story and have a high production value.   

Here are a few key components to creating a great quality video for your story: 

  • Location: It is important to make sure the location fits the story, but you also need to make sure all logistics are covered prior to shooting. For example – are there any special clearances you need for filming and if the shoot is outdoors,  is there a backup plan for inclement weather?  
  • Lighting: A quality lighting setup is key and knowing ahead of time what kind of lighting conditions you are going to be working with is also critical.  
  • Camera: Using the latest high-quality, professional equipment is extremely important. Anyone can take a video and post it from their iPhone, but a great story loses its appeal with bad video. 
  • B-roll: The action footage that goes along with your story should be well thought out and set up long before you go out on the shoot. You want your b-roll to be thoughtful, to look great, and to make sense visually.
  • Audio: Capturing clean, crisp audio is absolutely essential. Many times there are no second chances to capture your audio, and if no one can hear that great story that you gathered and put together, your entire video could be lost in the sea of online videos. 

4. Editing Your Story

This is the final part of your production, where everything will come together.  And, if you’ve got all of the above under control, you should be in pretty good shape as far as the look and the feel of your video. On the same note, if you’ve done your homework and really gotten to know your subject, created a script and/or outline, you’ll have a better idea of how you are going to piece your story together. 

Finally, adding the finishing touches with music and graphics will set the tone and help your story flow. 

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