Recruitment Marketing 101

Feb 2, 2022

Recruitment marketing is a way for organizations to locate, attract, engage, and eventually nurture inbound talent. Covid-19 has thrown the job market into turmoil, but with a few helpful tips and trackable initiatives, companies will easily be able to engage with potential candidates and leverage the fundamentals of inbound marketing!


What is the difference between inbound marketing and recruitment marketing? The answer is simple — not much. The goals of these two marketing sectors are similar, as both desire to attract target audiences to a specific initiative or positional offer in hopes of building (and eventually nurturing) a working relationship. Recruitment marketing specifically focuses on attracting potential candidates that meet the talent needs of an organization. However, to find success in recruiting qualified candidates to a company’s talent pipeline, an organization must first address its own marketing strategies. 

Below are three helpful tips on how to successfully locate the specific talent that your company is searching for. 

1: Build Awareness

Your talent acquisition funnel is the core of your company’s recruitment marketing. Creating awareness around the employer’s brand will help in generating more quality candidates. As mentioned earlier, an organization needs to first address their own marketing efforts before tackling recruitment marketing; that being said, you must ensure that your company is being found — and easily! 

2: Craft Content

Once a qualified applicant has funneled into your talent acquisition pool and is aware that you’re hiring, content is one of the essential tools that will brand your company and tell your story. Why would this applicant consider working for your organization? How does your work culture align with this candidate’s professional experience? The content that your company generates will help build onto your firm’s brand, as well as aid the applicant in determining their interest. 

3: Retain Applicants 

Nurturing the relationship that your company has with qualified candidates will be vital. Consider what information or insights your ideal applicant would need before pursuing the position further — how can you drive your talented candidates to action? Ensure that your application process is seamless and that the information provided throughout is pertinent.

The key element in each of these tips is adopting a consistent marketing strategy throughout your recruitment process. While the job market is flooded with amazing opportunities, it’s important that you’re reaching the most qualified candidates for the tailored positions that you’re seeking to fill. Building awareness, identifying target audiences, and executing a content strategy to retain engagement are all important factors that will secure a successful recruitment marketing campaign.

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