Photo Gallery

A tennis player ready for a match at the YMCA.
Shine Consulting
A photo from a Shine Consulting photoshoot for their website.
An employee headshot at the YMCA.
Industrial Resources
Industrial Resources employees measuring and cutting steel.
Country Roads Physical Therapy
Clients get therapy from specialists at Country Roads Physical Therapy.
Country Roads Physical Therapy
A Country Roads Physical Therapist guiding a patient to recovery.
Peak Health
An employee headshot for Peak Health.
Industrial Resources
Headshots for Industrial Resources.
Casselman Inn
A server, at Casselman Inn, joyfully goes about helping customers.
Cassleman Bakery
At the Cassleman Bakery, apple butter remains one of their most popular items.
Cassleman Bakery

An employee at Heartland Fabrication.

 Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates, Inc.
A Physician Assistant Specialist headshot for Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates, Inc.

A collaborative internal meeting at Trilogy.

WV Caring Vision
A still taken from a WV Caring Vision Cast video shoot.

First United Bank and Trust

Carissa Rodeheaver, Officer and President at First United Bank and Trust.

First United Bank and Trust

A still from First United Bank & Trust’s “Purpose at work” campaign.

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