Marketing Tools You Should Use on Your WordPress Website

Jul 31, 2020

So you’ve done it. You have a brand-spankin’ new WordPress website and you’re ready to take over the world. But wait a minute, how are people going to find your business? Will your website be anything more than “you have to have one because you have to have one” tool? Well, we’re here to help. Here are some WordPress tools and plugins to help you market your new site and gain customers by using and optimizing searches and ads.


First and foremost, you’ll need to set up a Google Analytics account. It’s quick and has easy-to-follow steps to link your account with Google Analytics. Once you set up your account, you will get a code snippet. Don’t freak out; you won’t have to do any coding. Just copy the code, and you’ll be fine. To connect Google Analytics to your WordPress website, you will install a plugin called “GA Google Analytics,” which allows you to paste the code into a field and ta-da, you are done.


Next up is optimizing your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Since most people search for things using search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. it is vital to optimize your content to be searchable and relevant so search engines can find your business. If someone is looking for a service and your content and metadata don’t account for terms they use to search, your website’s chances of being found diminish greatly.

On your website, you should install a plug-in called Yoast SEO. This plug-in has both a free and paid version, and can help you optimize your website pages based on your target keywords. 


Lastly, a great marketing tool is information. When you do get people to visit your site, you need them to stay. And if they are casual viewers, that can be difficult. So give them a reason, any reason, to provide you with their email or contact information. Using this information, you can leverage email campaigns to entice them to come back with coupons, deals, new products or services and just plain old news about your business.

At InnerAction Media, we use many platforms for our clients’ form capabilities including JotForm. This is a HIPAA-compliant form service that can benefit you greatly. 

All of this can help your website grow and reach new customers/clients.

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