Is Digital Advertising Effective for Your Marketing Campaign?

Mar 19, 2020

Over the past decade, consumer engagement and buying habits have shifted dramatically to digital mediums, and that trend will only continue in the coming years. However, many businesses still wonder if digital advertising is a useful tool for their marketing strategy. 

For many, it’s uncharted waters, and they aren’t sure where or how to begin utilizing digital marketing tools such as a website with a mobile-first design, digital and social media advertising and digital branded content.

While digital advertising and marketing may still be a new strategy for some, the current COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many businesses to adapt quickly to continue to serve and connect customers and generate revenue.


At InnerAction Media (IAM), digital advertising is a primary component of almost every marketing campaign we develop for clients, in addition to traditional mediums such as print, TV, radio and billboards. We believe in the effectiveness of digital advertising for three essential reasons: 

  • Trackable
  • Targeted
  • Timely


digital advertising - trackable

Often business owners struggle to measure the return on investment (ROI) they receive from their marketing efforts, which can lead to frustration. Digital advertising allows businesses to easily track numerous facets of their campaign, such as leads generated, website traffic, and, most importantly, revenue generated from campaigns. 

The data generated from digital advertising can also help inform business owners of what is working and what is not so they can adapt their campaigns to increase their return on investment. In addition, businesses can improve their ability to measure the response from traditional advertising mediums by incorporating digital strategies such as trackable URLs.


Digital advertising provides businesses with the ability to target their advertising campaigns directly to the audiences that are the most likely to respond to their products and services. Depending on the digital advertising platform utilized, businesses can target their audience by a wide array of demographic options such as location, age, marital status, job title, and interests, to name a few. 

Companies can also re-target customers who have subscribed to their eNewsletter or have recently visited their website. Understanding your target audiences is extremely valuable for your business, and as part of InnerAction Media’s Marketing Blueprint service, we ensure our clients understand exactly who their target audiences are.


The speed of business continues to increase with new technologies, and the timely nature of digital advertising allows companies to respond and adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace. With shorter production timelines, business owners can quickly launch a new digital advertising campaign, as well as to adjust the messaging and strategy based on the trackable results generated from the campaign.


If you have questions about digital advertising opportunities for your business or organization, I would love to talk to you.


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