How to Use Video Marketing for Healthcare

Nov 25, 2014

InnerAction Media recently created an integrated inbound marketing campaign for the Zelda Stein Weiss Cancer Center, which is part of Mon General Hospital in Morgantown, W.Va.  The robust campaign utilizes traditional media including TV, radio, newspaper and billboards.  The call-to-action in all of the creative is to visit the new ZSWCC website. 

How to use video marketing for healthcare?  A central component to the website is educational videos.  The videos feature all the cancer specialists who work in the oncology unit as well as testimonial stories from cancer survivors and a couple of introductory videos about ZSWCC, one that features hospital spokesperson Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Lou Retton.


From left to right:  Jamie Lesnock, MD; Darrell Saunders, MD; John Azar, MD; Charles Beall, MD; William McBee, MD

The strategy behind the campaign was to educate potential patients and the statewide community about the cancer center through compelling stories.  Mon General and ZSWCC are doing incredible things and helping many people in the West Virginia region.  We needed to convey their story. What better way to do that than with video?  Video portrays emotion better and draws viewers in more effectively than any other medium can.  Check out each video on our Vimeo account:

In each of the doctors’ stories, they expressed why they love what they do and where they do it. West Virginia is very important to each of them, and they are excited about the oppurtunity Mon General has and are proud to be there.  

Hearing from doctors themselves can be a powerful thing. Potential patients see this and see the face of the doctor who could be operating on them or seeing them routinely.  They are able to connect with them better than they would be able to on paper.  Video can help build more trust and credibility.

From another perspective, the survivor videos briefly and effeciently tell of the journey battling cancer and how Mon General helped the patients through this difficult time.   Seeing survivors talk of their journey and seeing the emotion is very moving.  The testimonial stories feature nurses, doctors and other staff who helped with their cancer and the message focuses on the special, one-on-one attention theyreceived at ZSWCC.

Through increasing engagement and trust, video content can be a great way of driving greater conversions from visitors to leads, from leads to patients and from patients to promoters.

By producing high-quality video, potential patients will look at you as a more legitimate company. Also, video marketing will increase your Search Engine Optimization.  You want potential customers to find you as easily as they can online, and you want to be ranked high in search engines.  Video can help you achieve this, so your company is found over your competitors.

If you want your company to be at the top of search engines, increase website traffic, convert visitors into patients and therefore increase revenues, video is a must.  Video can work for any organization, especially the healthcare industry.

We know you have a story to tell, and we want to be the ones to tell it.  With high definition video and great content, we can tell your story in a way that will make people listen and take action.  Learn more here!


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