5 Essential Elements of Every Successful Marketing Campaign

Jan 4, 2018

Jennifer Livingston for InnerAction Media

Marketing campaigns are an excellent method of drumming up support for a new or established business. However, the amount of thought, strategy and decision making you put into the marketing strategies directly influences the effectiveness of your campaign. You will make mistakes when deciding on the best strategies to move forward in promoting and marketing your business; however, you don’t need to always take shots in the dark. By incorporating these must-have campaign elements in a campaign, you will see your campaigns grow into fruition.

Read on for five marketing elements you must have for a successful marketing campaign.

1. Have a Specific Goal

What do you hope to achieve with your product or service? Most marketers are often so caught up in creating just a campaign that they forget the importance of clarifying each of these strategies. For instance, before setting up a campaign drive, you must first come up with a clear objective that you hope to achieve. Are you after creating brand awareness, boosting sales or introducing a new product to the market? Note that the more defined your goal is, the easier it becomes to marshal up appropriate resources to see it through.

2. Understand Your Audience

This forms one of the neglected aspects of a marketing campaign. Understand that no single product can appeal universally to all people, especially considering the huge differences in their age, tastes and social status. You, therefore, need to identify the appropriate audience that resonates well with your product or service and channel most of your campaign efforts toward them. 

This may mean just millennials, pregnant women, seniors or even veterans. Understanding your audience and channeling your marketing efforts to reach them not only helps promote the effectiveness of the campaign, but it also allows you to save on resources that would otherwise have been wasted marketing a product to the wrong people.

3. Work on a Delivery Method

You know what you seek to accomplish with your campaign and have already identified a target audience for your product or service. Now come up with the most appropriate method of getting your promotional messages and product out to this group. Remember that your choice of the delivery method can make or break a campaign. If you get it right, you drive the market in droves toward your brand. Therefore, only go for techniques that appeal most to your target market.

For instance, for the millennials, capitalize on delivering exciting and engaging topics centered on your brand regularly through social and email marketing. To achieve this constant engagement, employ automated engagement tools like the drip email. This allows you to send out a single message to all your mailing list subscribers at once at a preset time.

4. Create a Call to Action

The rule of the thumb in marketing is never to leave dead ends in all your marketing engagements. Whether you engage your target market through social media, emails or even hand delivered flyers, always include a call that prompts the market into action. Instead of having a goodbye till-next-time line on your mail, include a sneaky call to action that encourages them to visit your website and take advantage of the different offers and discounts available. The same applies to the website content and pages. Create multiple action calls to your various products and services on your website.

5. Don’t Lose Leads. Follow Up

Make an effort to retain a subscriber and stop them opting out of a subscription. They may not have bought into your product or service already, but the fact that they are still receiving and reading your emails informs you that they might still be contemplating about taking you up on offer. They just need a little push and a bit more convincing. Instead of cutting them off the list, try to understand why they haven’t taken action on your product. Come up with creative follow-up procedures to try and understand them.

Bottom Line

A marketing campaign can only succeed when backed by a solid and well-implemented strategy. Understand that like any other aspect of business, the more thought and clarity you put into each of these steps, the more impactful results you get.

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