Three Helpful Marketing Resources for Business Owners

Jul 1, 2020

For a small business owner or entrepreneur, marketing can be tough. Where do you start? What is worth spending your limited time pursuing? How can you get the best value out of your time and resources? Here are a few helpful marketing resources for busy business owners:


The basis of good marketing is content creation. Whether you run a multimillion-dollar healthcare facility or a small online shop, creating relevant, engaging content is foundational to securing market share. How do you create aesthetically pleasing content without a team of copywriters, graphic designers, and social media experts?

Canva is an excellent tool for small businesses without a marketing team or entrepreneurs running their own campaigns. It allows you to create beautiful pieces of graphic content, customized with your own branding. Rather than learning how to use professional tools with endless options, Canva presents an opportunity for anyone to design content in a range of template sizes. Canva will export your content in the format you need for a variety of well known social media channels. 



Now let’s talk about your website. We all know you need one, but how do you know if it is performing well? A website should act as a 24/7 marketing machine for your company. To accomplish this, you need web pages that are compelling for customers and tailored for search engines.

Website Grader by HubSpot is a tool that does what it says – it grades your website. This tool ranks your site in four primary categories:

  • Performance
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Security

By reviewing things like page speed, meta descriptions, mobile optimization, and SSL, Website Grader gives scores for each area of your site. It also provides a list of areas that can be improved upon.



The functionality of a website and the importance of content creation converge at the same point: SEO. That is why an excellent digital marketing campaign leverages content as a tool to get more target audience to the website. But how do you properly label your content to ensure people find your site when browsing the internet?

Google Trends is an excellent tool that will allow you to use search data to make informed decisions about content topics and titling. By choosing a search topic and using variables such as geographic location, date ranges, and search type, you can determine which topics would be best for your market. Here is an example of a Google Trend search for a specific keyword, geographic area, and date range.

When it comes to helpful tools for marketing your business, there is a vast supply. Make sure you choose then ones that will minimize your time invested and maximize your productivity and efficiency!


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