Benefits of Customer Spotlight Videos

Jul 8, 2020

First United Bank & Trust is a valued client at InnerAction Media. Two years ago, we created a recruitment campaign for them that included video and social media. According to First United’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Chuck Olsson, IAM’s work on the campaign was a great success. 


IAM has always maintained marketing should focus on the customer, not the business, because the customer or client is the hero. With this in mind, InnerAction Media pitched an idea to First United that would include a series of videos based solely on their clients. This video series is referred to as a customer spotlight video. The video did not include one word about the bank, only that the video was presented by First United Bank & Trust. IAM’s Founder and President, Jim Matuga, came up with the idea and suggested the title, “Uncommon Stories.”   

First United loved the idea, and we immediately began work on our first three videos. As a very community-minded bank, First United’s marketing team came up with three clients that not only have a great story but also all have a common theme – making our community better.  

The first three episodes of First United Bank & Trust’s “Uncommon Stories,” includes:

  • Ascension Recovery Services 
  • FCX Systems 
  • March-Westin Company, Inc.

The last episode of “Uncommon Stories” that we produced was for March-Westin Company Inc., a building construction company based in Morgantown, WV. We filmed an interview with founder and president, Phil Weser, collected archival photos, filmed b-roll with Phil and others within the company, and created a 4-minute video telling his story and the story of March-Westin.   

Because of the success of the first three videos, IAM will be producing at least ten more videos over the next year.  


First United Bank & Trust’s Uncommon Stories – March Westin


So what are the benefits of this type of video?  

It’s two-fold. Not only are you saying, “Thank you,” to your client for their business, you are also making the relationship stronger by promoting their own business. If they choose, your client can now use this professionally produced video for their marketing purposes. It is a win-win situation. 

Sometimes it can be hard not to talk about yourself, but if you think about the results it can bring, you might just find it worthwhile.  

Stay tuned for more episodes!


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